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Shenandoah Vickrey

.NET Web Developer

About Me

My name is Shenandoah and I am a graduate of the Centriq Full Stack Web Developer course. I have always loved technology ever since my friend gave me a burnt copy of Starcraft in ’99. However, growing up in a small country town I was not able to go into any technology courses. After high school I went to three semesters of Architecture classes, yet I was not able to continue. After having the opportunity to work retail for a few years afterwards I knew I did not want to work in a grocery store for a career. In 2014 I applied to a culinary school where I graduated two years later with an associates degree in Baking & Pastry. After a few more years working with baking, as much as I loved it, I was still not feeling fulfilled. So after years of hearing the Centriq commercials on the radio I took the opportunity and the four months I spent learning to code have been truly fulfilling. I finally feel like I am doing what I should have done before.

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My Portfolio

My recent projects, click to learn more.

Online Bake

Online Bake

Want to make bakery quality pastries? I provide professional level recipes and instructions for you to do just that.

Burger Builder

Burger Builder

I use my previous experience, and love of food and cooking, to make a website to buy hamburgers!

Super Heroes Inc.

Super Heroes Inc.

Ever dream of being a hero? Explore the beginings of a website that lets you learn how to be a top super hero.

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